Update:17 Jun

Fiber Clamp is one of our main products. The following are the precautions for using fiber clamps.

  ①In order to avoid damage and cutting of the optical fiber, after confirming that the optical fiber is really put into the V-shaped groove, release the gripper handle.

  ② It is very important to keep the fiber clamp clean, otherwise the coupling efficiency of the fiber and the clamp will be reduced. When using www.hxgdj.com, you should avoid entering dust, etc., and often use an alcohol cotton swab with a concentration of less than 50% to scrub (warning: it is strictly forbidden to use absolute ethanol or acetone).

  ③ The type of optical fiber and the color of the cladding will affect the optical fiber combining efficiency, especially the black cladding optical fiber has the lowest combining efficiency. If the effect is not obvious, change a clamping position or change a fiber.

  ④When the end face of the mandrel at the adapter installation part is dirty, it will lead to increased loss and reflection, and it cannot be used well. Therefore, the adapter must be removed before use, and the end face of the fiber mandrel should be wiped with an alcohol cotton swab. .

  ⑤ In order to avoid damage to the mandrel end face of the adapter mounting part, it should be placed with the adapter installed normally. and wear the adapter cap

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