The benefits of using anchor clips

Update:26 Aug
Anchor clamps are ideal for ADSS cables and are typically used to tension an insulated neutral without damaging the cable's insulation. In addition, the anchor clip is able to provide the angle of the LV-ABC system. Because of their strength and durability, almost no one can install a network without using special equipment like anchor clips.
A non-metallic fiber optic cable called ADSS is considered one of the strongest and most resilient fiber optic cables on the market today because it can carry its own weight without the use of slings or lashings. Like the cable itself, its supporting equipment should have the endurance to bear the weight of the cable's function.
Anchor clips are a powerful tool for easily holding overhead ADSS cables in a tight and straight position without the risk of cable loss or insulation damage under appropriate mechanical loads. Beyond that, let's dive into more benefits that anchor clips provide for ADSS cables and why you should invest in cable anchor clips:
1. Reliable and safe. Anchor clips hold cables in a tight and secure position. They are made of flexible stainless steel brackets, which makes them easy to adjust while allowing them to maintain tight tension with the cables. The main purpose of their installation of self-supporting insulated wires is to ensure the reliability of the wires when they are tensioned between transmission line supports.
2. Ideal for outdoor cables. Anchor clips force thermal expansion to either side of the anchor. Since ADSS cables are installed in dusty or humid environments, the anchor clips are made of tensile, heat, and vibration-resistant insulators. So even if it rains heavily, or if the tree somehow snaps and causes turbulence, you don't have to worry because these anchor clips are designed to maintain the integrity of the cable. They are also highly resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation.
3. Easy installation. You don't need complicated tools to install them. Anchor camps are easy to install in seconds. Self-adjusting wedges will hold the cables in place and tension them securely. Supplied with retaining ring, made of hot-dip galvanized steel wire for easy adjustment. Also, a good anchor clip will not damage the cable during use.

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